magayo 3D4D Software Documentation


You can configure and personalize the visual appearance and colors easily based on your preferences when using magayo 3D4D.

magayo 3D4D is not just a powerful and effective lottery software. It is also user friendly and allows you to customize different options to provide a better user experience.

Customizing and personalizing magayo 3D4D is only available in the Pro Edition.

Click the "Settings" icon in the main magayo 3D4D window to go to the Settings window.

General Settings

The "General" tab allows you to configure the general options.

You can select the language and any changes will take effect the next time you start up magayo 3D4D.

You can select the position on the screen where you would like the main window of magayo 3D4D to appear when the program is started.

You can specify your preferred date format.

You can define your favorite colors for different elements under the "Colors" tab:

  • Pick a color to highlight data in the statistics that are at or below the minimum threshold.
  • Pick a color to highlight data in the statistics that are at or above the maximum threshold.
  • Pick a color to highlight the patterns.

You can select the "Default colors" checkbox to set the colors to the default values.

If a proxy server is required for you to connect to the Internet, you can input the address of the proxy server and the port number.

You must click the "Save" button to save any changes made.


The "Registration" tab allows you to register our software. Registration is free and it allows us to understand the geographical usage of our software. You can download the draw results for the supported games only after registering our software.

Please be assured that we respect your privacy and your registration details will never be provided to any third-party.

To register our software, simply enter your email address. We do not like spammers and we will never spam you.

Click the "Register" button to complete the registration.

If you have purchased our Pro Edition, your Pro license and all the Pro features will automatically be activated once the registration is completed, provided you have entered the same email address in the software registration and in your order.

If you have already registered prior to purchasing the Pro Edition, you can simply click the "Register" button again after your order is successfully processed and all the Pro features will automatically be enabled!

After activating your Pro Edition, you will see the "Deactivate Pro license to reinstall magayo 3D4D" button. You do not need to click this button unless you want to reinstall magayo 3D4D. Once clicked, your Pro Edition will revert to the Free Version. You can then proceed to reinstall magayo 3D4D, complete the registration again to re-activate your Pro Edition.

It is only necessary to deactivate your previous Pro license if you are going to reinstall magayo 3D4D in a different computer.


The "About" tab allows you to view the software version and release date.

"Free Version" is displayed if you are using the Free version while "Pro Edition" will be shown if you have activated the Pro Edition.

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