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  • Where can I find the user guide?
  • How do I start using your software?
    After installing our software, you should first select your lottery game, update the draw results, proceed with the analysis and recommendation and then generate your tickets to play.
  • Why are the supported lottery games not found?
    To play your lottery game that is listed as supported by us, simply select the Country and State and look for your lottery game. If your game is not shown, you should select "Multi-state" or "Nationwide" under the State selection.
  • Why am I not able to update the lottery results?
    You are required to register our software first in order to download and update the lottery results. Registration is free and the purpose of registering is to allow us to track the geographical usage of our software.

    Please make sure you are connected to the Internet first in order to register our software and download the draw results. If you are using a firewall, please configure your firewall to allow our software to send data out to our server in order to retrieve the lottery results for the correct lottery game.

    If you provide an invalid email address during registration, you will also not be able to download and update the draw results.

    In addition, lottery results can only be updated from our website for those games that we support. If you have created a new database, you will need to manually input the draw results.
  • When are the lottery results updated in your website?
    The lottery results are mostly updated within a few hours after the draw. It is not possible for us to update the draw results immediately or shortly after the draw because traffic to the official web site where the results are published is usually very heavy immediately after the draw. Hence, our automated update script may fail due to the heavy traffic and slow server response.

    If you are our Pro Edition user and would like the lottery results for your lottery game to be updated more promptly, please inform us. We will try our best to re-schedule the timing of the updates but this is also dependent on how soon the results are published on the official site of the lottery game and how much traffic the official site can support.
  • How do I print the tickets generated?
    The Pro Edition of our software allows you to export the tickets generated to text files (.txt). You can then open the text files using Microsoft Word or any text editor and then print the tickets. However, please be green, environmentally friendly and avoid printing if possible.

Purchasing & Pro Edition

  • Is it safe to purchase the Pro Edition online?
    Yes, it is very safe and secure as we partner with FastSpring for our payment processing. FastSpring is an industry leader in providing e-commerce processing services.

    As we do not process your payment, no credit card information is stored in our web server. We also do not store your address and phone number.
  • What are the acceptable modes of payment?
    Payment can be made using all major credit cards, PayPal or via wire transfer.
  • How can I purchase online if I do not have a credit card?
    You can select to pay using PayPal or you can also select the bank transfer option in the order page.

    Alternatively, you can approach someone you know who has a credit card to purchase online on your behalf. After purchasing, he/she needs to inform us that the purchase is on your behalf, as well as to let us know your email address. We will then update our customer database with your email address and the Pro license can then be activated for your email address.
  • When will I receive the Pro license after purchasing the Pro Edition?
    We no longer issue the Pro license via emails as some people deem emails as spam.

    Starting from magayo Lotto Version 4.x and magayo Pick Version 3.x, the Pro license and all the Pro features are automatically enabled once you complete the registration, provided that you use the same email address as stated in your order.
  • How do I know if my Pro license is activated?
    When your Pro license is activated, all the Pro features will be enabled. In addition, you will see "Pro Edition" under the About tab in the Settings function of our software.
  • Can I re-install the Pro Edition?
    You can re-install the Pro Edition anytime you like. However, before uninstalling our software, you should deactivate the Pro Edition under the Settings function first. After deactivating your current Pro installation, you can simply proceed to install and activate your Pro Edition again for your new installation.

    If you have forgotten to deactivate your Pro Edition prior to uninstalling our software, you can also login to our Client Area to do so.

    If you are using the Pro Edition of our Android apps, please inform us whenever you reinstall our app.

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