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First Prize Lottery Winner

Singapore 4D First Prize winning lottery ticket

"A prosperous Year of Dragon with Magayo Pick!"

Singapore 4D - Feb 24, 2024

First Prize: 5131

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First Prize Lottery Winner

Malaysia Sabah 4D First Prize winning lottery ticket

"The number came 1st Prize which made me RM2,500 richer. Recommended to all to try out this app."

Malaysia Sabah 4D - Sep 30, 2018

First Prize: 3896

Winning China 3D ticket

"The number came first prize which made me win 2,080 Chinese Yuan. I won several times but decided to share this with you."

China 3D - Jun 25, 2022
Winning Number: 487

Winning Singapore 4D ticket

"My second prize win with system bet!"

Singapore 4D - May 11, 2022
Second Prize: 1125

Winning Sabah 4D ticket

"I am so happy that I managed to get 2nd Prize! Thank you so much."

Malaysia Sabah 4D - May 29, 2021
Second Prize: 2138

Winning Singapore 4D ticket

"Great start to a new year! Looking forward to more winnings!"

Singapore 4D - Jan 24, 2021
Consolation: 3686

Winning Malaysia Damacai 1+3D ticket

"Thank you for your continued support... not big but managed to win using your magayo Pick."

Malaysia Damacai 1+3D - Aug 23, 2020
Starter: 1846

Winning Guyana Lucky 3 ticket

"The possibilities of winning with Magayo are tremendous!"

Guyana Lucky 3 - Jul 7, 2016
Winning Number: 122

Guyana Lucky 3 - Jun 30, 2016
Winning Number: 274

Winning Singapore 4D ticket

"This software is spot on!"

Singapore 4D - Nov 5, 2014

Starters: 7781

Winning USA Connecticut Play 3 ticket

"Attached is a picture of the winning ticket I bought hours after using your software."

USA Connecticut Play 3 Day - Jul 30, 2013

Winning Number: 821

Winning Malaysia Magnum 4D ticket

"Not disappointed."

Malaysia Magnum 4D - Jul 27, 2013

Consolation: 7700

Winning Singapore 4D ticket

"I decided to play 4D Roll and I won the 3rd Prize using your software magayo Pick!"

Singapore 4D - Jan 18, 2012

3rd Prize: 7817

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