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magayo Lotto is the best free Powerball software in the world and the winning Jackpot ticket of our magayo Lotto user is a clear testament to our proven and effective Powerball software!

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Supports nearly 500 games in over 80 countries including Powerball, Mega Millions, Lotto, Cash4Life, Lucky for Life, Megabucks, Fantasy 5 and Cash 5

Gain valuable insights into Powerball and reduce your odds

magayo Lotto can identify the trends and patterns and intelligently recommend a smaller pool of balls to play. With lesser balls, your odds are reduced thereby increasing your chances of winning Powerball.

magayo Lotto further provides you with visibility to the trends and patterns in 3 time horizons and our Powerball software will also recommend the filters to use.

After analyzing, you can easily generate your Powerball tickets with the filters applied to narrow your play. magayo Lotto software will also optimize the filtered tickets to further enhance your chances of winning. You can also select a wheeling system from over 650 lottery wheels to generate your Lotto tickets.

Award-winning Powerball software with real Lotto winners

magayo Lotto is probably the most advanced and most effective Powerball software in the market. Not only has magayo Lotto garnered numerous 5-star awards and accolades, more importantly, it has helped many users to win! You can see the winning tickets of magayo Lotto users in our software review page.

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Read CNET Editors' review on magayo Lotto!

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Read CNET Editors' review

Read CNET Editors' review

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Updating Powerball results

Apr 01, 2020 (Wed)
Main ballMain ballMain ballMain ballMain ball
Powerball Powerball

With our Powerball software, it is not necessary for you to manually input the Powerball winning numbers after each Powerball draw. You can simply click a button to update our Powerball software with the latest Powerball results!

Powerful yet easy-to-use

magayo Lotto is packed with many advanced features and supports nearly 500 lottery games in over 80 countries. Yet, our Powerball software is intuitive, flexible and easy-to-use. You just need to select your game, update the latest draw results with a single click, analyze and generate your tickets to play.

Best free Powerball software

magayo Lotto can recommend the balls to play

Statistics provided with clear visibility to the trends and thresholds

Patterns showing the maximum lapse & maximum consecutive draws

Clear graphical charts illustrating the frequency of occurrences

magayo Lotto software can recommend the filters to use

Optimized tickets further help to narrow your play

Advanced Features

Support any Lotto game with a ball range between 0 to 99
Support non-numeric bonus balls
Easily update the draw results with a single click for the supported games
Recommend the time bucket to use for analysis
Recommend the pool of balls to play based on the latest trends and patterns
Visibility to the trends and highlighting the minimum and maximum thresholds
Visibility to the patterns, showing the maximum lapse and maximum consecutive draws
Analyze every individual ball and groups of balls
Explore the last digit of the balls drawn
Explore balls drawn with consecutive numbers
Scrutinize the lapse, which is the number of draws gone since a ball was last drawn
Understand the different odd and even combinations
Understand the different low and high combinations
Insights into the sum and root sum of the balls drawn
Export all statistics to CSV files
Recommend the filters to use
Generate all possible tickets (full wheel) if the total combination is not more than 1,000
Generate tickets using abbreviated wheels
Apply multiple advanced filters during ticket generation
Visibility to key statistics for each ticket generated
Export generated tickets to text files
Check tickets for matches against the winning numbers drawn for your selected draw
Search past draw results for your selected balls
Ability to personalize the colors and configure the display date format
Context-sensitive online help and video tutorials

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magayo Lotto software is digitally signed using a code signing certificate to prove that it has not been altered or compromised.

Digitally signed

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