5 Tech Trends that will Revolutionize the Gaming World

5 Tech Trends that will Revolutionize the Gaming World

The video gaming industry has come a long way since its inception in the 1980s.

Each year there are new advances in technology which has been made, and the gaming industry has not been left behind. These new technologies are changing not only the dynamics of gaming but how gaming publishers are advertising and marketing their games. For instance, the emergence of platforms like Betway means that you can bet on any match you want, from events all over the world.

However, it’s not just online gambling that has changed. You can even play betgames at Betway anytime you want. All you need is a laptop or smartphone today. We will be taking a look at some other tech trends today, and what you will love.

The Tech Trends That Are Changing the World

If you love video games or playing online on Betway, here are five tech trends that will revolutionize the video gaming world.

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#5 Open Source Gaming

Open source gaming is like open-source software. The former refers to a game that is freely distributable and runs on different platforms such as Windows and Linux. Open source gaming came about after free gaming development became an issue for most developers.

Since developing a game to full maturity can take time open source gaming gives developers a chance to run open source Games based on games that have already been established. In this case, a game will continue to develop a proprietary match which is under open-source licenses. For instance, they can do modding and add the game on other platforms. One of the most popular open source games is Ouya.

#4 Facial Recognition

Facial recognition and 3D technology are rushing together in the gaming world to produce an avatar of your likeness. This trend has been picking up for quite some time, and it is giving video gamers a new experience. It includes the player and also his expressions in the game. For instance, the Intel Realsense 3D camera which is being developed, will tap into your emotions, and it will adapt to your reactions.

#3 Voice Recognition

Voice recognition technology is for all those gamers who are too tired or lazy to pick up their console. The tech which has been around for quite some time will not only help you pick up your console but also do other things. For instance, you can select Media from your gaming library, interact on social media, and control the gameplay.

#2 High-definition Displays

The display quality of gaming has come quite far, and that's why the introduction of the ultra 4k display is a big deal. This new format is making the gaming experience much better. The crispiness and the colors that make up the high definition displays cannot be rivaled with the 1080p.

#1 Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has been a game changer in their gaming world. Although there are very few consoles which have released VR games. But it is predicted that more companies will produce more VR hardware and software. In 2015 when the prototypes of VR of Oculus VR were released the net worth that year averaged $4.9 billion. VR is poised to give players a realistic gaming experience.

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