A Brief Guide to Playing Online Lotto | 2023

How to Play Lotto Online

Want to play online lotto? It’s super easy and can save you a trip to the shop each week to grab a slip that you might accidentally lose. Today we’re going to go through how to play online - it’s simple!

Without knowing the basics, you can pretty much kiss some of the best casino bonuses found at NoDepositRewards goodbye. And we’re assuming you wouldn’t wanna do that!

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Find a suitable Lotto provider

There are plenty of Lotto providers online, from the games you see on the weekly news on TV to obscure games you might not have heard of. Investigate lottery providers to see which one suits your purposes, your location, and the types of games you’d like to play. If you’re a little lost, ask around some friends for where they play online.

Choose the type of Lotto game

Different games of Lotto have different number configurations that will win. For instance, some games might have seven numbers plus a special Powerball, whereas another game might just have seven numbers. Different games also have different jackpots. The chance of winning a Lotto game depends on how many numbers you have to choose from and what combination of numbers provides a winning entry.

There is also the chance to join in with your friends in some games or join a syndicate for more chances to win.

Choose the number of games to play

Most of the time, you can choose to play any number of Lotto games with different sets of numbers. Typically, the lowest amount of games to play at a time might be just one game and go up to 1000 games at a time.

Pick your numbers

Lotto games give you the opportunity to pick your own numbers for each game played or have a computer generate number configurations for you. Sometimes you have the option to enter your favorite numbers and the computer will generate all the different configurations containing that set of numbers. Other times, you can autogenerate numbers for each game that are completely distinct from one another (i.e. no number will be repeated across all the games played).

Choose from one-off or ongoing play

Lotto providers now offer the option for players to choose to play a one-off game, for a given amount of weeks, or simply autoplay each week until the player chooses to discontinue play. This gives all options to players.

Adopt our effective lottery strategies and play intelligently & responsibly!

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