Common Myths Playing the Lottery

Common Myths Playing the Lottery

Just like many other games out there, lottery is a game of pure chance.

It is adored by millions of players worldwide and the rise of technology made lottery available online as well as it is available offline. However, this attractive and entertaining game is commonly linked to certain myths that ruin its reputation or create false expectations for lottery fans.

In order to help our readers avoid being victim to one of these untrue beliefs, we have provided you with a list of the most common lottery myths and busted them with facts. Keep reading and find out what claims about lottery shouldn’t be believed.

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1. If I play the same numbers over and over again I will eventually win the lottery.

This is certainly a nice and hopeful myth that motivates you to regularly play the same numbers. However, the thing about this statement is - it’s not true!

Lottery is a game of chance and whether a particular set of numbers will ever be drawn can never be certain. Yes, you may think that your lucky numbers will eventually change your life forever, but you are wrong.

Each ticket and each combination have the same chance of being the next big winner, regardless whether they have been drawn last time or never before.

2. If I play every day I will improve my chances of winning.

This is another big no. Depending on the type of lottery you are playing, you might be praying to guess from four to seven numbers in order to scoop the main prize. However, you can play for years and never get even the smallest rewards, just like you can play once and hit the lottery.

As we have explained before, each combination has the same likelihood of becoming the winning one. You can, however, increase your chances of winnings by playing more combinations on the same day. Nevertheless, that increases your costs for playing and makes you a bigger loser if you fail to win at least a symbolic prize.

3. Analysing numbers that have been drawn before can help me form a winning combination.

If this was true, then we would’ve witnessed at least three lottery winners every day. Obviously, this game of chance doesn’t works as simple as this myth makes you think it does.

Yes, there are usually numbers that are drawn more commonly than other numbers; however, this doesn’t mean that all commonly played numbers will be drawn at the same time, just when you need that to happen.

If 23 is the number that had been drawn the biggest number of times up to a certain moment, it may be drawn for several times in a row in the future or it might not come up for the next several weeks or months.

However, analysis is possible if you know how to identify the trends and patterns.

4. I can never be sure that lottery draws are really random and fair.

As much as people like to believe that someone is deceiving them, lottery has always been one of the best regulated games on the market.

Using top notch quality drawing machines and being audited by independent organisations, state lotteries have only one priority - to provide equal chances to win to all players. Additionally, online and mobile draws are done with high quality software that uses RNGs in order to provide 100% random results.

Such online lottery games can be found at many NetEnt casinos, for example, and they usually come with juicy bonuses and prizes. You should also check this location for South Africa results if you come from South Africa and want to try online lotto.

5. I get nothing out of playing lottery unless I win a prize.

Well, taken into account that lottery is, in fact, a game that is supposed to provide entertainment, you always get something out of playing this game of chance.

It might seem surprising to many players that cash is the secondary reason for playing lottery since the main objective is to offer fun to those that enjoy the excitement of guessing random numbers.

6. I have better odds of being struck by a lightning than guessing the winning combination on lottery.

First of all, being struck by a lightning is a onetime event and doesn’t offer any consolation prizes. Therefore, as long as lottery offers the possibility to win without actually guessing the jackpot combination, it will always give you better odds than the ones of being struck by a lightning.

Plus, there is an interesting research by Ed Stanek, who gathered statistics by NASPL, which showed that 1,136 people won $1 million or more and 4,520 people won $100k or more in a single year. In comparison, that same year (1996), only 91 individuals lost their lives after being struck by a lightning.

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