Lottery Multiple Bets: Best Strategies to Optimise Results

Lottery Multiple Bets: Best Strategies to Optimise Results

In the lottery, we know that there is only one sure-fire way to increase the chances of winning: play as many bets as possible. That's right, in terms of odds, the more combinations of numbers we play, the higher the winning margins. And this is where a type of bet that is often unknown among the masses of lottery players comes in: multiple bets.

Multiple bets allow you to play more number combinations on the same bet, because they let you mark more numbers on the same ticket. Let's see an example: if we play the Euromillions lottery, we know that a bet is completed by marking 5 numbers plus 2 stars. The advantage of a multiple bet is that it allows us to select even more numbers. If, for example, we select 6 numbers plus 2 stars, we will be playing a total of 6 bets at the same time, whereas, if we select 7 numbers plus 2 stars, we will be playing a total of 21 bets (the result of all possible combinations of 5+2 between all those numbers).

Thus, the more numbers we select in a single bet, the greater the total combinations and, therefore, the greater the chances of winning. Generally, the most important lotteries allow you to play multiple bets, establishing the possible combinations. Of course, all this comes with a small handicap, and that is that the more numbers you select, not only increase the chances of winning but also the total cost of the ticket, as each additional number will multiply the total value of the bet.

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Optimised formulas: Maintaining a hit rate at the lowest possible cost

There is a way to play as many multiple bets as possible while keeping a budget accessible to any player. These are called 'optimized formulas' or 'super formulas', and were developed by Lottofy to allow the cost of multi-betting to be reduced while maintaining a success rate set by the player.

An optimized formula is a mathematical equation for playing a large number of numbers in an optimized way. This allows to maintain a high probability of winning prizes but using a smaller amount of bets.

Let's look at it in more detail: if you play a multiple bet in the traditional way, you are ensuring a 100% chance of success in all prize categories if the numbers of the winning combination are among the numbers you have selected. However, with a super formula you reduce the odds of success in the higher categories, but maintain a 100% chance of success in the rest. All this at a much lower cost than what you would pay playing without optimized formulas. Plus, depending on your budget, you can set the minimum hit rate you want for each category.

In short, it is a more economical way to play multiple bets while maintaining high odds of winning, an interesting way to optimize bets and budget to the maximum for the most experienced players.

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