Online Slots to Go Head-to-Head with Online Lottery in Pennsylvania

Lottery & Online Slots Compete Against Each Other in PA

Pennsylvania is the first state within the USA to pass a gambling law and will offer legal online casino along online lottery for its citizens.

And even though this is considered to be great news for the online casinos and the casino enthusiasts in this state, there’s a potential issue that seems to have been overlooked by the authorities. Can online lottery and online slots coexist in "peace"?

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Similarities Between Online Slots and Lottery

Anyone that has an account with a casino, 24Pokies online casino for example, knows that you can easily enjoy online slots and lottery, all under the same roof. You don’t need a separate account in order to enjoy different gambling products and that makes the gambling experience a lot more rewarding. And, if you analyze things very carefully, you will see that the two gambling products have a lot in common and there are a lot of areas where they overlap. Some may say that they’re basically slots that go with another name, especially after the demos sent by the Michigan online lottery clearly looked like your regular online slot. It’s true, it resembles more with the sort of classic online slots that were available at the beginning of this industry, but it’s a slot nonetheless.

While the visual effects, graphics and bonus rounds might not be as refined and compelling as the high-end online slots you get from NetEnt or Microgaming, but the instant win lottery tickets proposed by many lotteries have a lot in common with an online slot.

What are the Main Differences?

The main difference you get between an instant win lottery ticket and an online slot is the speed with which these can be enjoyed. If for an online slot you can simply go with the ‘Autoplay’ option and just let the reels spin until you get a nice win, or you can simply press the spin button several times so that the games reels spin more rapidly, with lottery tickets you will need to wait a little longer until the win is confirmed or not and other values are randomly generated behind the symbols represented on screen.

Another difference when it comes to comparing online slots with lottery tickets come from the chances of winning. Online slots, as a whole, have a Return to Player of around 97% which is more than decent and allows a lot of wins small and big to be hit by players. Lottery in the online environment, since only here we can speak of a really measurable Return to Player, can only vouch for 79% which is kind of low even for the luckiest of players.

Is Cannibalization a Real Concern?

While it was noticed that the development of online casinos was actually benefic for land-based casinos and the same goes with lottery, when you put the two head-to-head the situation isn’t that pretty. Since the state lottery and the state online casinos will be competing one against each other, there’s a big chance profits will be cut down. Imagine the situation of a player that enjoys both online slots and the occasional lottery ticket but has only $20 to spare for gambling that week. He will automatically choose one or the other, depending on what he thinks will be the luckiest choice for him and deposit his funds there. No matter what option he goes with, the other one just lost a potential $20 and that comes to paint a clear picture how the state of Pennsylvania cuts down on his own profits by putting these two gambling products head to head.


Being able to enjoy legal online slots and lottery in the United States is a big thing for the global gambling industry and it’s more than likely that other states will follow this initiative and allow online gambling as well. And the subject of online slots competing with online lottery in these states is one that is more than likely to pop-up over and over again until some official figures and reports are presented.

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