Lotto in Norway - 2020 Analysis

Lotto in Norway

Norway's Lotto is popular both locally and also in most parts of Europe. In the country, it is run by Norsk Tipping AS, a government-owned casino established back in 1948. It was created to serve several purposes, among them to promote the local culture as well as sports by use of revenue from gaming and sporting activities.

With this mandate, the company started the lottery in 1986, with the first lotto draw being held the same year on 12th April. Since its inception, the game has managed to maintain its matrix of 7/34. What this means is that a player has to match 7 correct numbers between 1-34 to win the jackpot. Apart from the jackpot, the game has 4 other prizes that are determined by various outcomes. This is as follows:

  • Second prize- 6 correct numbers plus one additional number
  • Third prize - 6 correct number
  • Fourth prize - 5 correct numbers
  • Sixth prize - 4 correct numbers plus one 1 additional number

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Odds of Winning for Each Prize Tier

Matched Numbers

Distribution of the Prize Fund

Odds of Winning



1 in 5,379,616

Six + Bonus Numbers


1 in 256,172



1 in 32,021



1 in 928

Four + Bonus Number


1 in 53

SuperLotto Fund



Where to Find 2020 Norway Lotto Results

Getting the latest lotto results is something every other player would appreciate. Lotto organizers in Norway have done their best to ensure you get real-time results. Once they are out, the organizers announce them after which they are published immediately.

Draws are held every other Saturday at 18:00 CET, with the same costing 5 Norwegian kroner to enter. Ensure you purchase your entry tickets at least 3 hours before the main draw which is broadcast live on selected television stations. Some channels offer detailed updates about these games. But if you miss out, there are more options.

For example, you could follow lottery-related news online through websites., for example, is renowned for its insightful updates. Not only does it provide comprehensive coverage about lotto game; it features tips to help players.

The site also has information on the specific name of the jackpot winner and the amount they won. In addition to this, they analyze the probable odds of winning the ensuing jackpot. Here, you can also get an insight into the numbers that have been drawn more and those drawn less since the beginning of the year.

If you want previous years' statistics, you will find them on these trusted websites. This data is helpful for people who take lotto as games of skills and need to improve their techniques.


From the above table, you have seen the term SuperLotto Fund and wondering what it refers to. Well, it is a special lotto draw that happens at certain times throughout the year, with a prize pool that can go up to 50 KR million. Every person who purchases the normal lotto draw automatically enters the next SuperLotto.

Players who buy more lines get more entries, which means they are a higher chance of winning. The great news about SuperLotto is that you do not incur additional costs for playing. The game is in the form of a raffle in which one million Norwegian Kroner is drawn for every winning entry. For instance, if the prize pool is NOK50 million, the total winning entries drawn will be 50.

How to Play Norway Lotto in 2020

You can play Norwegian Lotto anywhere you are and anytime you want, provided you do so before the time for the draw. You can only choose numbers from a combination of 34 numbers. If all your seven numbers match the drawn lottery numbers, you become the jackpot winner. When playing, you can randomly pick the numbers yourself or opt for the speed dial.

Apart from the seven numbers, there is an additional number (bonus number) that is drawn to determine price consolation. Previously, there were three lottery numbers but currently, it is only one. If you wish to increase your chances of winning, you should play joker. To participate, you need to be at least 18 years. Tickets are available at a local dealer’s shop or online.

Hot and Cold Lottery Numbers

When visiting various lotto sites, you will come across hot and cold numbers. So, what are they? They are the most (hot) and the least (cold) repetitive lottery number. For instance, the numbers appearing most in Norway lottery as at the time of this writing are: 24 (120), 21 (116), 13 (116), 16 (110), 14 (110), 26 (109) and 33 (108).

You'll also come across overdue numbers, which are the numbers that have not appeared in recent consecutive draws. So far, this years’ overdue numbers are 28(43 days), 13(43 days),19(50 days), 4(64 days), 16(64 days), 8(85 days), and 21(134 days). These numbers are particularly important to players who love to consider how frequently a number is drawn before choosing their preferred seven numbers.

Play Norway Lotto for a Chance to Win

Few lotteries across the world are as exciting and with several positive features and sides like Norway Lotto. Since its inception in 1986, it has been providing financial support to important causes like sports and culture.

Besides this, it has brought a good fortune to some people, more so those who have won the jackpot. With the 7/34 matrix and lavish prizes, Norway Lotto provides a constant money influx where it is most needed. Of course, not everyone is lucky, which is why you should play with money you can afford to lose.

Probably, you have been looking for lottery that meets your gambling expectations. Norway lotto is one of the most played lotto game and it will surely suit your taste. The lottery has changed the lives of many, such as that of a man from Akershus who won NKr 47 million in 2012. With this in mind, why not give the lottery a try? You could be the next jackpot winner!

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