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Even with a smaller pool of balls, you will still have a fairly large number of possible combinations and you should always play responsibly.

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If you eliminate 10 balls in a 6/45 Lotto game, you will still have over 1.6 million possible tickets.

If you can eliminate 3 digits in each position in a Pick 4 game, you will still have over 2,000 possibilities.

Hence, it is important to have the right combination in each ticket that you play and most importantly, to play within your budget.

To have the right combination in each ticket or to choose the right tickets, you will need to look at other analysis such as the odd & even combinations of the balls or digits, the low & high combinations of the balls of digits, the sum and root sum of the balls or digits.

These are what we call "filters" and you can identify which filters to apply to your tickets by looking at the trends and patterns for these filters.

There are also other conditions such as to avoid playing all consecutive balls in a Lotto game as this rarely happens. You should also avoid playing tickets with all odd balls or all even balls.

For Pick 4 & 4D games, you should avoid Straight (exact number) and Box (all permutations of the number) that were drawn in recent draws. You should also avoid numbers with all ascending digits or all descending digits.

With magayo Lotto software and magayo Pick software, multiple filters are available and it is not necessary for you to manually identify the filters to use. Our software will look at the trends and patterns and recommend you the filters and these filters are automatically applied when you generate your tickets.

You can simply select any number of tickets to play from the filtered tickets generated based on your budget. For example, if you would like to play 5 tickets, simply select any 5 filtered tickets to play.

Recommended filters in magayo Lotto software

Recommended filters in magayo Pick software

By playing the right combinations in every ticket, you can effectively improve your chances of winning!

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