Popular Online Games You Probably Didn’t Know About

Popular Online Games You Probably Didn’t Know About

Not every online game is a commercial success. Some well-crafted games just don’t get the attention they deserve for various reasons. Maybe they were released at the wrong time. Or they weren’t marketed well enough.

Regardless, some of these games deserve more attention than they get. They might not be all-time greats. Or they might not be suitable for everyone. But to the right audience, these are must-play online games.

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Evil Genius (2004)

Evil Genius might be an oldie but it’s an amazing video game inspired by the James Bond series. It focuses on an extremely brilliant villain with a private island, minions of soldiers and lots of money to spend.

Unlike most video games, you play the role of the villain and must defend yourself against the likes of James Bond. You get plenty of cash to secure your private island. But it’s easier said than done.

The game gets more challenging the more you unlock new levels. Worse, enemy agents land on your island and you have to combine your intelligence and army to stay alive. Of course, that means ordering your minions to rob money in oil rich countries and your henchmen to capture or kill spies.

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing (2013)

Van Helsing is one of the most famous fictional characters ever. His story has been shared by countless novels, movies and video games. So, when the Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing came out, it probably should have received more attention than it got.

In all fairness, Neocore Games didn’t market the game a lot, which explains its mediocre commercial success. Still, that doesn’t take away the fact that it’s a deeply gripping game with a captivating story and numerous loots.

The game starts with Van Helsing’s son walking with a ghost friend to the city of Borgova. Along the way, they’re attacked by men with swords, and guns and have to fight back, sometimes using magic.

The first few levels are simple and predictable. You encounter enemies and you hack, slash or shoot them. But as you progress, attackers increase in number. They become more powerful and more challenging to kill.

Megaways Slots

In the casino space, there’s a new breed of online slots everyone is talking about: Megaways. Developed by Australia’s Big Time Gaming, Megaways slots provide hundreds of thousands of ways to win. That’s far many more paylines than the 10 to 243 paylines regular slots provide.

Why is that a big deal? More ways to win means more chances to make money. In many cases, Megaways slots also provide bigger payouts than many top casino games. But there’s a caveat.

Although Megaways provide an insane number of ways to win, they are high-variance games. Put simply, that means they don’t payout as often as many people would wish. Instead, they pay up scarcely although often in generous portions.

All the same, online casinos are full of dynamic games. If you dislike the volatility of Megaways, you can choose regular video slots. Or you could select table games like roulette, baccarat, craps, poker and blackjack.

Oxenfree (2016)

It’s tragic enough that Indie games get ignore constantly. But it’s even more unfortunate when an outstanding Indie game gets overlooked. Oxen free is a prime example. It’s based on a group of teens who travel to an island for adventure only for “stranger things” to happen.

Things get dark after the friends vote to experiment and urban legend that says ghost sounds appear on certain radio frequencies. And indeed, that’s what happens before hells break lose and the teens get separated.

Unlike most horror games, however, Oxenfree doesn’t just dwell on fights with monsters. It also focuses on unraveling mysteries and finding lost friends. Early in the game, you can also strengthen or weaken your bond with different members of the gang based on how you treat them.

The Evil Within 2

Evil lurks within this spoof on Resident Evil 4. But as it turns out, not many people bought the imagination and story telling of Shinji Mikami. And as a result, the legendary video game director might never create a sequel to this criminally underrated video game.

For starters, the Evil Within 2 is incredibly dark. Precisely, it starts with a scene where a young girl burns to death. Then you have to witness a man being force-fed food until it nearly kills him.

With that in mind, the Evil Within 2 stars villain Stefano Valentini as he goes about committing evil to mostly innocent people. On the flip side, you play the role of protagonist Sebastian Castellanos, an ex-cop out to kill to an organization run by the mob.

Ghost Master (2003)

This is another old video game that faded into obscurity as fast it came. Despite that, Ghost Master is a must-play game if you like to have mindless fun. The game plays out like a simulation where you free a bunch of weird-looking ghosts from mortals.

In many cases, your job revolves around scaring humans so that you can free your ghost friends undetected. Unfortunately, your powers get depleted the more you free your friends. But you can always replenish it by scaring and terrifying mortals.

Another caveat, though, is that some mere mortals can eliminate ghosts. So, you must be quick, witty and powerful enough to rescue ghosts without interferences from mere mortals.

Overcooked 2

The kitchens in Overcooked 2 can get hot and chaotic. Still, it can’t be blamed for the underperformance of this simulation game. It’s as much fun to play as it is exasperating at times.

To expound more, the game involves cooking a variety of recipes while also dodging countless objects and distractions. There are plates everywhere, a constantly rotating plank and ever-increasing temperatures.

It’s like participating in Hell’s Kitchen. But instead of Gordon Ramsey cussing at you continuously, you have an entire kitchen and everything inside working against you. It’s a game for people who love challenges even if it means having to cook a burger over and over.

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