Rituals That Can Improve Your Odds Online

Rituals That Can Improve Your Odds Online

When it comes to gambling online, everybody plays their chosen games such as slots, blackjack, poker or roulette with the intention of winning.

For some, it doesn’t matter how much they win, as long as they do win, while others are playing in the hope of walking away with a considerable amount of cash.

This has seen many gamblers attempt to improve their odds by employing certain rituals designed to give them good luck, even though all reputable online slots and casino brands like mFortune, for example, will have their entire game suites built on Random Number Generators. The RNGs ensure that all results are completely random. In spite of this, players still believe there are rituals that can somehow magically tilt the odds in their favour.

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Lucky Charms

Lucky charms are one of the most common things gamblers associate with good luck. These are always often carried by the by the player, but especially when they’re trying their luck in the online world.

Most lucky charms are likely to be something that holds a certain sentimental value to the player, such as a cuddly toy from their childhood. However, some people may seek out charms that are thought to bring good luck too, such as a four leaved clover or a horseshoe.

The Colour Red

A lot of gamblers pay attention to other cultures when it comes to attempting to be as lucky as possible. The colour red, according to ancient Chinese superstition, is said to bring a person good luck and wealth.

Therefore, you’ll often hear of players keeping something red close by while playing their favourite casino games, with many often-wearing red in an attempt to increase their good fortune.


Acorns, yes acorns, are said to bring people prosperity and wealth in equal measures, according to Norse folklore that is.

However, it’s not believed to be crucial that you have an actual real acorn in your pocket. Many of us now carry replica acorns made from materials such as gold, silver or wood, which are said to bring just as much prosperity and wealth to the owner.

Lady Luck

Now, most will have heard of Lady Luck, but some take this a step further as they truly believe that a lady can increase somebody’s chances of winning. It’s been known for players at land-based casinos to ask a lady to place their bets for them or for a lady to roll a dice on behalf of someone else.

In the online world a player may ask a woman to select a bet for them such as calling a number on a roulette wheel or deciding whether to stick or hit at blackjack.

Personal Rituals

Many people believe that they create their own luck and are therefore responsible for making it continue. This could involve someone wearing the same clothes they wore the last time they won, or they could eat the same food they ate prior to their last win.

Other personal rituals could include the crossing of fingers or knocking on a table at a specific time such as when the roulette wheel begins to spin. It is probably true that you do create your own luck and that’s why personal rituals are so popular, as they’re personal to the individual.

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