Teens Earn in Millions from Video Games

Teens Earn in Millions from Video Games

How much do you love playing your favorite video games? Are you really good at FIFA or Counter Strike and feel you have a natural gift for it?

Earlier, a degree and experience were most necessary to get a good paying job. But now the scenario seems to have completely changed and you don’t need any qualification to even earn millions.

We can say this confidently as many teens are making their video games and earning six figure incomes without any college degree. Some teens also earn handsomely not by making video games, but just by playing them!

Sounds surprising? Let’s get into the details a bit so that the picture is clear to you!

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Multiplayer Tournament Prizes

Now people are ready to pay out of their pockets to get a seat in the stadium where they can see a multiplayer video game match. Pro gamers take on the gaming rigs and compete with one another while the crowd watches in excitement.

And the prizes of the eSports tournaments are huge- Dota 2 has surpassed all records for seven years with their prize pool. The International 7 tournament had a prize pool of $24.6 million which is biggest in history.

Next comes the League of Legends 2016 World Championship with prize pool of $5 million. The majority of the prize money is collected from the sale of tickets and rest from sponsors and advertisements. In the end, the teens get huge cash awards which make them millionaires.

Teens Earn Big by Making Video Games

Another way teens are earning money is by making video games. The rise of internet has made it possible to share anything around the globe and the case is same with video games. Some platforms like Roblox allow children to publish their creations giving them a huge audience base.

The 18 year old Andrew Bereza, creator of the Miner’s Haven and Azure Mines is earning six figure incomes every year after he has released the games. He uses the money to pay for his university and follow his dream of becoming a full time game developer.

We can also cite the example of another 18 year old from North Carolina called Alex Balfanz. He contributed to the development of the game Jailbreak which crossed the mark of one billionth players recently. In 10 months the game has been released, it has earned seven figure profits consistently.

The video game industry generated $36 billion last year and holds a promising opportunity for anyone who can play or make games. You don’t need a college degree to submit the game or any credentials to prove your worth as a player. Anyone can join the trend if they are up for it and the challenges- it may sound easy but in reality there are several issues to address.

Here is the thing - if you can attract audience or get others to play your game, you are in for some great profits. The question is, do you have it in you to be a professional gamer?

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