The Growing Interest and Use of Mind-Training Applications

The Growing Interest and Use of Mind-Training Applications

It is an open secret that as you grow older, your brain function declines. Sounds scary, right? Don’t be scared! Research has revealed that if you can remain mentally active, it will help maintain your cognitive functioning.

For example, Chess, Scrabble and even online games like poker at the JackpotCity online casino can also help keep your brain sharp. The games usually require the players to concentrate keep guessing their opponent’s cards. Such an activity helps to keep your brain active.

Technology has become a significant tool in people’s pursuit of mind-training. There is an increase in the use of mind-training applications worldwide.

Here are the top mind-training applications in the world today:

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Lumosity prides itself as the “original” brain training app. It has over 85 million users worldwide. The app is loaded with over 50 fun and colorful minigames designed to train the five cognitive functions. The functions include problem-solving, speed, memory, flexibility, and attention. More than 100 researchers from all over the world contributed to the design of the games.

The app tests your cognitive capability when you register an account. Then, you will continue taking on your brain workout exercises as advised by the app. The app is available for free on both App Store and Google Play Store.


Elevate is known as the app that helps to boost productivity and help individuals earn power and self-confidence. The app comes with over 40 minigames that are designed to enhance your math and speaking skills. Playing the games will also help to improve your memory, processing speed, and attention.

The app’s games describe what you will gain after playing. It also offers the players a daily, weekly, and monthly rundown of their performance. The rundown focuses on five key areas: math, writing, reading, speaking, and listening.

You can download the app for free on both Android and iOS.


CogniFit is a more advanced brain training app. It targets clinicians, scientists, and consumers. It comprises a variety of games designed to train your brain on over 20 cognitive skills. Some of the skills the app trains are auditory perception, short-term memory, hand-eye coordination, and planning. The app also comes with tools that researchers and healthcare professionals can use to examine patients’ cognitive function. You can download the app for free on your iOS or Android device.

Fit Brains

Rosetta Stone, an Education Technology company, created this app. The app boasts of the biggest game collection with over 60 minigames. It also comes with over 500 personalized training programs. The game developers got help from neuroscientists to come up with the games.

Playing the games will help you exercise your concentration, thinking speed, memory, and problem-solving skills. After playing a game, it provides you with your score out of 200 in each cognitive area. It also has a school edition that boosts school children’s cognitive functions.

Final Thoughts

The mind-training apps are getting better thanks to extensive research; the industry has brought together experts from both software engineering fields and neuroscience. This approach has helped in the development of more useful apps. Technological innovations such as Artificial Intelligence and Big Data will also offer significant benefits to the use of the apps.

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