Top 4 Apple Arcade Games

Top 4 Apple Arcade Games

Today, phone games can be as interactive as PC ones, and Apple Arcade proves it. However, it's challenging to find your game in a vast collection. If you are thinking about where to start, then try these games.

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Learn to Play Basketball With NBA 2K22 Arcade Edition

Basketball is a popular sport among millions of people, as evidenced by the number of users who choose this sport while mobile betting in Ghana. So for everyone who loves it, Apple Arcade offers NBA 2K22. At the moment, it is one of the best sports simulators for iPhone and iPad. While FIFA or PES have descended into constant donation and random card collection, NBA 2K22 remains a classic sports simulator for the mobile platform.

There is a career mode with pumping your basketball player, quick play, season, street basketball, and network battles. You can play together on one device, for more comfortable control it is recommended to have a compatible gamepad.

Solve Puzzles in the Underworld of Creaks

You have dozens of challenging levels in a magical underground city. Each location is filled with traps, enemies and puzzles. During the game you have to not only rack your brains to solve different puzzles but also demonstrate good reactions to be in the right place at the right time.

Bringing Back the Colors in the Black and White Discolored Universe

In Discolored, your hero will have to bring colors back to black and white world. To do so, you will have to explore several small locations, find the necessary items and solve various puzzles.

The app has pleasant graphics and soothing music. The lack of a story and role-playing dialogues set you up for a leisurely meditative walkthrough.

Solve the Problems of a Growing City in Mini Motorways

A few years ago in Steam, and then in the App Store, there was an entertaining toy Mini Metro. The application conquered millions of users on different platforms, and with the advent of Apple Arcade developers released a new Mini Motorways.

You have to build roads in the developing city. The main task is to provide passage for cars of a certain color to the corresponding buildings. When there are only two colors and less than a dozen buildings, there are no problems, but a new construction can appear at any moment, which leads to traffic jams and the collapse of the whole system.

With new levels, tunnels, bridges, traffic circles and elevated highways come. Mini Motorways is quick and easy to play, and the app can drag on for hours to days.

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