Top 6 Underrated Online Games

Top 6 Underrated Online Games

There are so many amazing online games you probably don’t know about. But, they do deserve your attention for various reasons. Maybe they didn’t pay much attention to the marketing, perhaps they were launched at the wrong time, but whatever is the reason, you need to know about these games and have a fantastic game night with your friends.

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Unfortunately, a fantastic indie game like Oxenfree isn’t much popular among gamers. It’s a horror game, but with a different concept. It’s not only around fights but it’s based on mysteries and thrill.

A group of teens travels to an island to witness interesting, strange things. But the situation gets worse with time, the friends get separated, and everything becomes scarier. The gameplay will make you engrossed and give you goosebumps. If you love horror games, this game has the potential to become your favorite.

Evil Genius

Do you love the James Bond series? Most probably yes, we all do. If yes, then evil genius is a perfect fit for you. There is a brilliant villain with lots of money and minions to work for him.

There’s one thing unique about this game. Unlike most of the games, here you get to play the role of a villain. You have a lot of cash to protect your private island. But it’s always easy to say than doing. It gets more challenging with time. Use the best of your intelligence and army to survive in this fun game.

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Overcooked 2

The kitchen in overcooked two can, like every other kitchen, get hot, messy, and chaotic. And ironically, that’s the fun part about it. Here you have to cook various dishes and tackle the obstacles that come along your way. You have an entire kitchen with everything you need, but everything inside will make it difficult to achieve your goals. If you love cooking games with lots of challenges, this is the game that you will play for hours.

Ghost Master

Ghost Master is an old game that never gained the popularity that it should have. In this simulation game, you have to free strange-looking ghosts from humans. It’s a great game for some senseless fun.

Here ghosts are your friends, and you may have to scare the humans to free your ghost best friends. Unfortunately, as you release more ghosts, your powers get exhausted. Don’t worry; you can constantly replenish your powers by scaring the humans.

There’s another underrated game you might like, Craps. Due to its complicated rules and process, many people often ignore this game. However, this game can be super fun and even among your top favorite game list with little patience.

This game is played on a table with the help of a dice. One person rolls the dice while anyone on the table can place a bet. It can also be a team game if you want it to be by putting the same bet as others on the table.

No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky was not underrated when it was launched in the year 2016. But, it was not that fun. It had a logicless universe and little to no incentive to keep the players hooked. The game was disappointing in the year 2016. Over the year, it has been massively updated, and now it’s a must-play game for every age.

Now, it has multiplayer options, base building, many customization options, and a quality-of-life improvisation setting. It’s regularly updated to add more features for its players. Everyone should give this game a try.

Mirror’s Edge

Do you remember when the parkour challenge was viral all over the world? Mirror’s Edge was released in 2008, and it is based on parkour from the first-person perspective. Running on the top of the buildings to reach your objective is so rewarding. It also has a second part, which is not bad, but we have to choose one, we will go with the first part.

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Happy Gaming!

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