How to choose Powerball Numbers

How to choose Powerball Numbers

Main ball drawn in 2020

Ball 01 drawn 1 time(s).
Ball 02 drawn 3 time(s).
Ball 03 drawn 1 time(s).
Ball 04 drawn 2 time(s).
Ball 05 drawn 1 time(s).
Ball 06 drawn 0 time(s).
Ball 07 drawn 3 time(s).
Ball 08 drawn 2 time(s).
Ball 09 drawn 4 time(s).
Ball 10 drawn 1 time(s).
Ball 11 drawn 2 time(s).
Ball 12 drawn 3 time(s).
Ball 13 drawn 0 time(s).
Ball 14 drawn 1 time(s).
Ball 15 drawn 4 time(s).
Ball 16 drawn 1 time(s).
Ball 17 drawn 1 time(s).
Ball 18 drawn 1 time(s).
Ball 19 drawn 1 time(s).
Ball 20 drawn 1 time(s).
Ball 21 drawn 3 time(s).
Ball 22 drawn 0 time(s).
Ball 23 drawn 4 time(s).

Ball 24 drawn 2 time(s).
Ball 25 drawn 2 time(s).
Ball 26 drawn 1 time(s).
Ball 27 drawn 3 time(s).
Ball 28 drawn 0 time(s).
Ball 29 drawn 2 time(s).
Ball 30 drawn 2 time(s).
Ball 31 drawn 3 time(s).
Ball 32 drawn 2 time(s).
Ball 33 drawn 4 time(s).
Ball 34 drawn 0 time(s).
Ball 35 drawn 4 time(s).
Ball 36 drawn 3 time(s).
Ball 37 drawn 1 time(s).
Ball 38 drawn 1 time(s).
Ball 39 drawn 4 time(s).
Ball 40 drawn 3 time(s).
Ball 41 drawn 2 time(s).
Ball 42 drawn 1 time(s).
Ball 43 drawn 3 time(s).
Ball 44 drawn 3 time(s).
Ball 45 drawn 1 time(s).
Ball 46 drawn 2 time(s).

Ball 47 drawn 2 time(s).
Ball 48 drawn 2 time(s).
Ball 49 drawn 3 time(s).
Ball 50 drawn 3 time(s).
Ball 51 drawn 1 time(s).
Ball 52 drawn 0 time(s).
Ball 53 drawn 2 time(s).
Ball 54 drawn 3 time(s).
Ball 55 drawn 3 time(s).
Ball 56 drawn 3 time(s).
Ball 57 drawn 3 time(s).
Ball 58 drawn 1 time(s).
Ball 59 drawn 6 time(s).
Ball 60 drawn 4 time(s).
Ball 61 drawn 1 time(s).
Ball 62 drawn 3 time(s).
Ball 63 drawn 1 time(s).
Ball 64 drawn 0 time(s).
Ball 65 drawn 0 time(s).
Ball 66 drawn 2 time(s).
Ball 67 drawn 3 time(s).
Ball 68 drawn 4 time(s).
Ball 69 drawn 1 time(s).

Powerball drawn in 2020

Powerball 01 drawn 0 time(s).
Powerball 02 drawn 3 time(s).
Powerball 03 drawn 2 time(s).
Powerball 04 drawn 1 time(s).
Powerball 05 drawn 0 time(s).
Powerball 06 drawn 1 time(s).
Powerball 07 drawn 1 time(s).
Powerball 08 drawn 3 time(s).
Powerball 09 drawn 0 time(s).

Powerball 10 drawn 0 time(s).
Powerball 11 drawn 2 time(s).
Powerball 12 drawn 0 time(s).
Powerball 13 drawn 3 time(s).
Powerball 14 drawn 1 time(s).
Powerball 15 drawn 0 time(s).
Powerball 16 drawn 2 time(s).
Powerball 17 drawn 0 time(s).
Powerball 18 drawn 2 time(s).

Powerball 19 drawn 2 time(s).
Powerball 20 drawn 0 time(s).
Powerball 21 drawn 0 time(s).
Powerball 22 drawn 1 time(s).
Powerball 23 drawn 1 time(s).
Powerball 24 drawn 1 time(s).
Powerball 25 drawn 1 time(s).
Powerball 26 drawn 1 time(s).

How to choose your Powerball numbers

By looking at the number of times drawn in 2020, in the last quarter or in the last 30 draws, how do you decide and choose which Powerball numbers to play?

If Powerball 26 has been drawn 1 time(s) in 2020, does it mean that it will likely be drawn or unlikely to be drawn in the next draw? Honestly, I do not know.

It is not possible to make any conclusion merely based on the number of times drawn in any time period. You will need to know the trends by identifying the minimum and maximum thresholds first before looking at the number of times drawn.

The minimum and maximum thresholds are the most frequently occurring lowest and highest frequency of times drawn over a period of time respectively. This is determined by iterating into the history of the draw in a consistent manner using a fixed time bucket.

Identifying trends in Powerball numbers

Once you have established the minimum and maximum thresholds, you can then look at the number of times drawn in the same time bucket up to the most recent draw, and make a calculated and informed decision on which Powerball numbers to play.

Any ball with the number of times drawn at or below the minimum threshold is likely to be drawn in the next draw. Conversely, any ball with the number of times drawn at or above the maximum threshold is unlikely to be drawn in the next draw.

By applying the same principle to various statistics for Powerball, you can play Powerball intelligently and improve your chances of winning.

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