Alternatives for Lottery Games

Alternatives for Lottery Games

A lottery is definitely one of the quickest and easiest ways to win big money, but the truth is that it does require luck and good fortune. Are there any other ways to make money in similar games that are less random and might give you a bigger chance of winning? In fact, the majority of games of chance are based on, well, chance, so there is always the element of uncertainty and relying on odds. However, if you want to change something a bit and try anything new, these options might suit your taste.

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Everybody has heard of bingo, even if they have never played it. It’s rarely associated with an exciting, adrenaline-boosting game, but in fact, it’s the same game of chance as any other. The rules are quite simple, while the possibilities to win money are as real as in any other case. You can play online, on your own, you don’t need to gather a group of friends and organize a bingo night. When you find the right platform to play, you only need to match the numbers of your choice to the ones generated by the machine. If you are able to clear your row, you win. The clarity of the rules makes the game highly entertaining and popular, especially among older people, but everyone can have fun trying to guess the numbers. In the online versions, you can quite often win real money.


Keno is just another version of the lottery, so if you are looking for something similar, yet new, it’s a great option for you. The major difference is that you do not buy tickets but choose numbers in the online version. The numbers are then randomly drawn by the machine, and if your number is drawn, you win. It couldn’t be simpler.


This next option is perfect for those who search for something new and not necessarily of the same type as a lottery. Slots are also games of chance, which means they are randomized, but they are easy to play and can ensure you some real money in winnings. The great part about slots is that they are available for everyone and everywhere. The majority of trusted online casinos, like the ones you can find on websites such as Vegas Slots Online, have a great number of slots to choose from. However, remember to always choose safe sites and secured games, especially if you decide to play with real money at stake. Slots have a great advantage over other games of chance because they are diverse and easy to play. You can choose a given slot based on its hit rates, return to player rates and other factors to increase your chance of winning.

Scratch Cards

Some would say that scratch cards are practically a lottery game, but they do differ somehow. First, they are even easier to play. You only need to buy a scratch card and just scratch it off to see what is underneath and whether you have won anything. One of the biggest drawbacks of this type of game is that it is purely based on chance, as you can implement no tactic nor analysis to increase your chances of winning.

Other lottery games

When you are getting tired of your regular lottery game, maybe it’s not the fault of the type of game, but its kind. Just try a different lottery to find out if it gives you the same thrill of excitement. Maybe you will be able to win more money in this other game? Different rules and conditions might spice up your game and give you new energy to play and win. Sometimes it's not the lottery that is to be blamed, but the one you are currently playing.

If you are new to the world of lotteries, you might be interested in some tips on how to choose a lottery and numbers. We have prepared a great number of articles with tips on how to analyze a lottery and most importantly why you should do it. It increases your chances of winning, and as a result, you can end up with a grand sum on your account. It’s definitely worth a try.

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