Lottery Analysis

Lottery analysis & how to analyze

In any lottery game, there are always trends that you can identify. These trends vary by lottery game and can also vary over time for the same lottery game.

To look for trends, you will need to identify the minimum and maximum thresholds for a fixed time bucket over a period of time.

Typical time buckets to use are usually around 20-50 draws, depending on the ball range and number of balls drawn. The time buckets can be overlapping, adjacent or with a reasonable gap of a few draws.

Identifying trends in lottery analysis

Once you have decided on the fixed time bucket to use, you can then scrutinize each statistics to look for the highest and lowest most frequent occurrences by iterating into the history of the game to give you the maximum and minimum thresholds respectively.

After determining the thresholds, you should use the same time bucket up to the most recent draw. Balls with occurrences that are below the minimum threshold are likely to be drawn in the coming draws while balls with occurrences that are above the maximum threshold are unlikely to be drawn in the next draw.

By applying the same technique to various statistics in a lottery game, you can reduce the number of balls and build up your pool of balls to play.

With magayo Lotto and magayo Pick, it is not necessary for you to manually identify these thresholds. Insights and visibility to these trends are available in 3 different time horizons, Short Term (ST), Medium Term (MT) and Long Term (LT), for all the available statistics and any balls or statistics outside the thresholds are also highlighted for your ease of analysis.

Visibility to the trends in magayo Lotto software

Visibility to the trends in magayo Pick software

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