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To analyze any lottery game, you naturally need to have the right lottery tool and the historical draw results.

You can use any spreadsheet program, such as OpenOffice or Microsoft Excel, to analyze your favorite lottery game. However, this will be very tedious and time-consuming. Even if you are an Excel expert, you will still need to continuously maintain and update your Excel with the latest draw results.

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A better alternative is to look for a lottery software that comes with both the historical results and updated results after every draw. There are many lottery software out there but do choose carefully.

Many lottery software claim to be able to predict the next draw. Do avoid them. No one and no software can predict the balls that will be drawn in the next draw. After all, lottery is a game of chance.

Many claim to have winners but there are no conclusive evidence except mere quotes from their "winners". Again, it's best to avoid them.

We develop our own lottery software - magayo Lotto software and magayo Pick software.

Our lottery software supports hundreds of games across the world and the draw results can be easily updated with a single click. In addition, we only publish our customer testimonials with the winning lottery tickets!

Our software cannot predict what will be drawn in the next draw. We eliminate what is highly unlikely to be drawn and recommend you a smaller pool of balls to play. With a smaller pool of balls, your odds are reduced thereby improving your chances of winning the lottery.

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Why choose our lottery software?

With the right lottery tool and the right lottery software, you can analyze easily and start to play intelligently!

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