Why analyze the lottery?

Lottery Strategies - Why should I analyze the lottery?

If lotteries are random, why should I waste my time to analyze the lottery?

Well, have you won the jackpot before? Have you won anything at all? Have you won something frequently or on a regular basis?

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Lotteries may be random, but the outcomes or events, which are balls drawn in a draw, are not perfectly independent.

This is clearly evident in the lapse frequency. Lapse indicates how many draws have passed since the same lottery ball is drawn again. A lapse of 0 indicates that a specific ball was drawn in the most recent draw. A lapse of 1 indicates that the ball was drawn 2 draws ago and there is a gap of 1 draw since the ball was last drawn.

As illustrated in the lapse frequency chart in both magayo Lotto software and magayo Pick software, you can see that balls which are drawn in recent draws are more likely to be drawn again.

Lapse frequency chart in magayo Lotto

Lapse frequency chart in magayo Pick

If the outcomes are independent, the lapse frequency will not be in the form of the right-half of a normal distribution or bell curve.

In addition, every ball will be drawn the same number of times only after an infinite number of draws.

Look at the lottery games that you play. How many draws have been conducted? Hundreads? Thousands? Tens of thousands? Is the number of draws anywhere near to "an infinite number of draws"?

Because the outcomes or events are not perfectly independent, it is possible to find trends and patterns that would allow you to make confident guesses on what may happen in the next draw.

As such, you should always analyze the lottery and play intelligently to reduce your odds and enhance your chances of winning the lottery. Don't play blindly!

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Always analyze and play intelligently & responsibly!

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