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magayo Lotto supports many Lotto games around the world and the supported games are provided as part of the software installation. The supported games are also called the supported databases.

The draw results for these supported lottery games can be downloaded from our website easily with a single click.

If your lottery game is not supported, you can create a new database and enter the draw results manually using our Pro Edition.

You may also request to have a lottery game to be supported by providing us with the name of the lottery game and the official website of the lottery game. We will then look into the possibility of providing support for the lottery game in the near future. It would also be most helpful if you can provide the historical draw results in an Excel file with the date of the draw and the numbers drawn.

Click the "Select Game" button in the main magayo Lotto window to go to the Select Game window.

Open Lottery Game

This function allows you to open a lottery game.

Select your country, state and the lottery game that you are interested in, and then click the "Open" button.

For games that are played across a country, such as Australia Oz Lotto and Canada Lotto 6/49, you should select State = "Nationwide".

For games that are played in multiple states in USA, such as Mega Millions and Powerball, you should select State = "Multi-state".

For games that are played in multiple provinces in Canada, such as Atlantic 49 and Western 649, you should select State = "Multi-province".

New Lottery Game

This function allows you to create a new database for a lottery game that is not supported and this feature is only available in the Pro Edition.

When you create a new database, it is called a user-created database.

Click the "New" button to create a new database.

Under the "Game Info" tab, select the country and state where the game is played. Enter the name of the lottery game and a filename without any file extension for the database. Select the day(s) of the week when the game is played. If the game is played more than once per day, select the "Multiple draws per day" checkbox.

Whenever you create a new database, it is considered as an unsupported database and you will need to manually input the draw results. Hence, the "Supported and draw results can be updated from" checkbox is unchecked and disabled.

Click the "Ball Range" tab and select the ball range for the Main Balls as well as any Bonus Ball(s) in the game and the number of balls drawn. If Bonus Ball(s) are drawn, enter the name of the Bonus Ball(s) for the game. For example, the Bonus Ball is called Powerball in the Powerball lottery game.

If the same set of balls are used in the lottery draw for both the Main Balls and the Bonus Ball(s), select and check the “Bonus Balls(s) uses the same set of balls as the Main Balls" checkbox.

If you need to match the Bonus Ball to win the lottery jackpot, select and check the “Bonus Ball(s) must also be matched to win the Jackpot” checkbox.

In some lottery games, the Bonus Balls are not numeric. For example, the Bonus Balls in the Big Wednesday game in New Zealand are "Head" and "Tail". If so, select and check the "Bonus Ball(s) are not numeric" checkbox.

If there are more than 1 draw in any draw day, click on the "Multiple Draws Per Day" tab and select the number of draws per day. Enter a name for each draw in the table. For example, the first draw may be called "Midday" and the second draw may be called "Evening".

If the Bonus Balls are not numeric, click on the "Non-Numeric Bonus Balls" tab and enter the name or description of each Bonus Ball. For example, enter "Head" and "Tail" for the Bonus Balls in the Big Wednesday game in New Zealand.

Click the "Save" button to save the database and then click the "Open" button to start entering the draw results for the newly created game. You can also click the "Cancel" button to discard the database.

Delete Lottery Game

This function is only available for a user-created database. The databases of the supported games cannot be deleted.

To delete the database of a game that you have created, simply select the game and click the "Delete" button. Any draw results that you have entered will also be deleted.

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